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The TORUS inspired by the turns that life gives, in movement and freedom that emerge a world where everything happens very fast.

Signaled by circular shapes, without beginning nor end, the brand new mix trends with traces of a temporality. Innovation with consciousness. Beauty with practicality. Casualness with sophistication.

Allowing the monitoring of the versatile form various times of the day or night, people at the same time they are connected with society, and innovation seek balance in simple, by the lightness and comfort of the forms of materials that pleases the skin.

The TORUS story was born from a change of direction.

At some point in life I decided it was time to do something totally new, but were always latent.

Fortunately the best of life is that it is full of possibilities and what was initially just a dream eventually became real.

Today, the brand is the result of many experimentsprofessional and personal, to be a day here,
another there, to borrow references culture, art, gastronomy, in life, and translate them into products for people, like me,are always moving.
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