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Marcia Rocha Fabricação e Comercio de Acessorios em Couro LTDA - EPP


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Creativity applied to the passion for Country Fashion was the starting point for, in 1985, an artisanal production belts conquer several boutiques of.

Then the belts won scholarships company and both won renowned brands.

Important names like Le Lis Blanc, Costume, Carlos Miele, Arezzo and many other unique designs found in Marcia Rock the opportunity to enrich their portfolios with different models and high quality.

Currently, the brand has accessories that reveal the extreme care of the many designer leather details, fittings and jewels. Each item developed in a unique way.

In addition to multi-brand stores throughout Brazil, accessories Marcia Rocha also stood out in Bloomingdales, New York, one of the most demanding in the world fashion markets.
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