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How to close caption the nature's LIFE?.

How to bring back, under your shoulder, the touch of LIFE ?.

How have a "style", carrying on yours precious things, inside a symbol that translate a way of LIFE ?.

All these answers you can find when you have the " LIFE BASIC " Handbag.

A Nature's inspiration from Brazil, with a soul of Rio de Janeiro and roots from the gems mountains and fields of Minas Gerais country lands.

I've got a feeling that we'll impress you with a amazing range of materials, that we use to give a enchanted shape to ours Bags :

- Fibers from Palm trees sustainable cultivated from the brazilian's jungles, like :

Juta, Rafia, Palha.

- Brazilian Organic Certified Cotton.

- Leathers from brazilian Amazon and South America's fishes like :

Pirarucu, Pescada and Salmon

- Cow leather treated with natural tannins with a minimum impact environment.

All those amazing materials applied with ancient techniques of hand made " artezanato " from dozens proud women to build your's future Handbag.

Über quality ever!.

LIFE BASIC the " Avatar of the Handbags ".
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