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Lia Marchese

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Lia Marchese it’s a company with its history based on family origins in art, sawing and craftsmanship from their partners, mother and daughter, combine with the expertise in the gaucho leather industry (in south of Brazil) from the brands designer. The main focus is creating bags and shoes, seriated or single unique pieces, in creative and useful shapes and unique combination of colors and materials. The main types of leather used are bovine, cabretta, stingray, snake, alligator and rabbit. All certified by national and international organs. To give the final touches we use handmade work and materials combine with embroidered, Brazilian stones, reforestation wood, acrylic and feathers in a mixture of cultures, colors and textures which is our brand. Each detail is carefully thought and executed for an impeccable finish. The materials used are noble and are in tune with eco responsibility and sustainability as we use every piece of leather going for big to small bags and accessories.


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