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The Kowro Bags operates in the market for over 20 years, producing accessories that enhance people. Handbags, wallets and artifacts made with quality and style. Our brand is recognized throughout the country for its customers, employees and suppliers as a company committed to your satisfaction.

Respecting and valuing every person and every relationship within a conduct integrated and responsible, every day Kowro Bag's persistently seeks to evolve its products to meet our customers increasingly attuned to fashion, society and to their own needs, seeking to improve the quality of each piece and make a design that makes a difference in your look.

In addition, we seek to innovate processes, qualified materials and machinery, investing in training and quality of life of our employees, providing safety equipment, health and fitness plan at work.

Committed to sustainability, our company aims 100% of its industrial waste to companies that make processing, reusing leather components. But before that, within our own company, we make the reuse of leather scraps, developing specific modeling patchwork, significantly minimizing the amount of waste and employing more labor-intensive to select, cut, assemble and sew by hand these products.

This is Kowro Bags you use, the result of a company that values ​​you!
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