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Our success story begins in 1988, when the immigrant Giuseppe Fasolo opened a shoe store that was later converted into a tannery soles. In 1917, the eldest son of Giuseppe set up a shoe itself and created the tannery and factory slippers Guilherme Fasolo - Tanned Leather deposit. So was born the Fasolo, in a few years became one of the largest manufacturers of leather goods in the country and the world.
In 1970 the Fasolo was already a leader in the Brazilian market and began its process of exports. To stay on top of the market, Fasolo follows constantly investing in technology, manpower and training.

The design of the product Fasolo tracks trends demanded by the fashion industry. The high quality standard of the brand is certified by national and international brands, with which the company develops partnerships. Currently the absolute leader in Brazil's belts and wallets, the objective of the brand is expanding exports and reach countries outside the Americas.

The tagert of the company is to position your product in the international category of genuine leather, thus associating his raw strength of the brand Fasolo. With a fully computerized technology, a framework of trained and experienced professionals and latest generation machinery, Fasolo seeking to improve their productive increasingly process.

Concerned about the environment, the company devotes constant attention in the care of their industrial residues, developing products that justify the use of leftover leather and equipping process non-reusable in a central of residues regulated by the environmental agency.
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