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The DRIZZA brand has becoming disseminated in domestic and international market since 1992 when it emerged to become one of the leading national brands in its field of operation. Initially designed to cater exclusively to foreign markets, began to devote himself to the development of products with the "face" and the versatility of Brazilian women. Technological developments, and investment in research and development are striking features of this company.

The DRIZZA products are under constant improvement and have a high standard of quality. These values help maintain DRIZZA brand among the most reputable in the country in the field of leather. Besides its own brand, the company has become a producer of other major global brands in the leather goods industry. His specialty and leather craft, the art of braiding leather straps with impressive results. The company focuses its collections in handcrafted products, the legitimate "hand made".

Currently, your articles are exported and can be found in major stores in the farthest corners of the globe.
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