Brasil by bags

Première Classe generates 190 rounds of business and almost R$ 1 million in sales

Nine Brazilian brands of leather artifacts and travel goods participated in the fair held in Paris inside the Project Bags by Brazil, promoted by Abiacav and Apex-Brazil.

Visitors from around the world, especially from France, Japan, Russia, Spain and Italy, 190 business rounds and almost R$ 1 million in business. That was the main balance of nine Brazilian brands in Première Classe, held 2-5 September in Paris, France. Through the Project Bags by Brazil, the brands showed the creative fashion of Brazil in handbags to all visitors from around the world, mainly from Europe and Asia. The realization of this fair is a partnership between Abiacav (Brazilian Association of Leather Goods Industries and Travel Articles) and Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion).

The visibility for the brands Alexandre Agra, Aramez, Confraria Studio, Denise Gerassi, Elisa Atheniense, La Spezia, Lia Marchese, Lucchetto and Luciano Pinheiro was important to reinforce the image of Brazilian products abroad. "Every event abroad, you realize the need for constant presence at international fairs so that Brazilian products increasingly win clients and can fix the brand" Brazil ", offering reliability to visitors," says Project Manager Diogo Serafim.

During the four days of the event, the members of the project by Brazil Bags consolidated around R$ 180 thousand in sales. For the next 12 months is expected to reach close to R$ 800 thousand in new orders.

BAGS BY BRAZIL - The Sector Project Bags by Brazil is aimed at international promotion of Brazilian products and business travel goods and leather goods. All actions bring with innovative elements sustained in training and promotion as pillars for increased exports.

ABIACAV - The Brazilian Association of Industries of Leather Goods and Travel Articles search growth and regulation of the sector and its associated companies. The organization promotes innovation strategies to foment the   competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

APEX-BRAZIL - Apex-Brazil works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investment in strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. The Agency conducts diversified trade promotion, aimed at promoting exports and value the Brazilian products and services abroad, and strengthen the brand Brazil. Apex-Brazil also coordinates efforts attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Brazil, focusing on strategic sectors for the development of competitiveness of Brazilian companies and the country.